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Letra da MúsicaRemembering your touch (Madonna)

Time passes much too slowly
When I'm waiting for you
Thinking of your arms around me
Is all I can do

You don't know what it means to love
You don't know it's worth
So how could you know that this aching inside me
Is so strong that it hurts?

And I'm wondering where you are
And I'm looking up at the stars
Wishing that it didn't hurt so much
Remembering your touch
I'm wishing that it didn't hurt so much
Remembering your touch

You never said goodbye
I woke up and found you were gone
You take what you can from each situation
And then you move on

You'll never change your ways
And I was a fool to believe
So if you have so many admirers
Why did you pick on me?

(repeat twice)


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