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Música da Vez Raimundos - Give My Bullet Back

Go far on tripping
Now I'm back at the place
Go fucking killer Franklin
Never give a shit
No big deal
You're begging for your life
My face is rotten and full of flies
Dead face
Running by a rotten eye
Let me ride
I know my enemies
Now I'm back on the road
Living in this fuck
If you're bullet proof
Let's find out now
Change before the angel's
Falling in shine
Hey, give me back my bullet
'cause I shoot you twice
I'm putting fire
I'm a bomberman
You'll see me and cry
Blood shed
Don't hang out of the race

I feel pain you're horny chick
You'll mosh in the rain
I know my enemies
Now I'm back on the road
Living in this shit
Your mouth is full of flies


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