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Música da Vez Sandy - Trusted

I hear you're sniggering at me behind my back
don't even know me how'd you get away with
acting like that
I cross the room I feel you're evil eyes
staring at me
how can I justify you're behaving like a child

you did me wrong
I don't wanna know you , honey
I knew it all along

Chorus: You can't be trusted no
you're cold as ice an you're evil
you're low down and busted now
you try to hide but I see it

so what you gonna do now I know you've been
bitchin' 'bout me
wanna say it to my face or carry on
doin' it slyly
I'm not the kind of girl who gets on with small
minded people
is it 'cos you're jealous of me
'cause I am where you wanne be

you think you're strong
now I gotta tell you, honey
you just don't belong

truths out, starting to show
that you can't be trusted- no

you're evil
you're low down
you're busted
don't trust ya

you can't be trusted- no



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