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Música da Vez Sandy & Junior - How Can We Be Friends

Every time you look at me
baby, i can hardly breathe
if i'd speak my voice would show
my broken heart can't let you go
i know you want to comfort me
but i don't need your sympathy
don't want part of you
if it's not all of you
right now i gotta be alone

you're telling me i will be okay
you're trying to help me ease the pain
but i can't pretend, after everything
how can we be friends?
you're telling me baby not to cry
but you don't know how i feel inside
it's gotta be the end, can't see you again
how can we be friends?

i've been loving you so long
that it's not easy to be strong
it's so hard pushing you away
when all i want is for you to stay
i know you want to hold me close
but my emotions would overflow
you're not helping me
get over you and me
so turn around and walk away


you don't have the right
to come around here any time that you like
you know it's killing me
you want me to be someone i'll never be



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